Our mission is to offer educational support to hospitalised cancer patients with help from supporters like you.

Imagine being a child in a bleak government hospital, alone and scared, with no hope for an education or a better future. This is the reality for many children in Ethiopia, but Ethiopian Hospital Schools is working to change that.

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When children are diagnosed with cancer in Ethiopia, their education abruptly comes to a halt, making it very difficult for them to ever return to school (as education is not compulsory in Ethiopia). Our dedicated teachers work with each child individually, tailoring lessons to their specific needs and abilities. We also offer bedside support, so that children who are too weak or too ill to attend class can still receive an education.

Ethiopian Hospital Schools offers not only the educational support required whilst the children are in the hospital but the daily classes of educational fun enable the children a brief respite from the gruelling treatment in the government hospital bleak environment. Through our programmes, we have seen firsthand the positive impact education can have on hospitalized children. Children who receive educational support are more likely to recover quickly and experience less anxiety during their hospital stay. Parents also report feeling more supported and less stressed when their children are engaged in educational activities.